5 tips for a great cake smash session - Cake Smash Photographer in Mumbai

Cake Smash Photography is fast catching up as the next big thing for ringing in baby's first birthday. Started as an American tradition, cake smash photo sessions are becoming increasingly popular in India as well, where the soon-to-be ONE year olds are introduced the cake for the first time and their interactions with the cake and the fine details of the mess done during the 'smashing' are captured to make memorable keepsakes. Parents often get the cake smash done for using the pictures for the birthday party invites or for displaying at the party or even when they choose not to have an expensive party yet still mark that milestone occasion for remembrance sake. I have been doing these cake smash sessions for a while and from my experiences, here are few quick tips to make your cake smash session successful & enjoyable for the baby and you!

1. Planning

Whether you hire a professional photographer for the cake smash or intend to do it yourself at home, planning is the key. Start planning for the session at least a month in advance. Discuss your preferences with your photographer if you would like an indoor studio setup or outdoors and decide a theme accordingly. The cake smash outfit, cake and the decor should be coherent for best results. Customisation and personalisation of outfit & decor takes time as well. For baby girls, tutu dresses or frilly rompers look great while little man jeans or coordinating tie, cap & diaper cover set can be used for cuteness overload for baby boys. Also plan for the cleanup post the messy business. Carry extra change of clothes for the baby & you.

2. Cake & Setup

Cake and the baby are the main subjects in a cake smash session so choosing the right cake improves the quality of pictures a great deal. Smash cakes are generally softer than regular cakes and done in light cream. Opt for a cream cake in single colour with basic decorations in line with your theme. Avoid red and chocolate though. Multicoloured sprinkles on classic white icing is another tried & tested variant that works great with babies. Identify the one of your taste and book well in advance. Keep the setup minimal to have your little one in focus!

Make sure you take pictures of the baby-less cake and cake-less baby at the beginning of the session!

3. Personal Touch

To make your cake smash experience more personal, you may consider including props with your baby's details like a milestone chalkboard, letters or name banner that can be reused for the birthday party or adorn the nursery wall in your home after the shoot. Carry a few of your baby's favourite items or toys to get the best of giggles and chuckles! This also helps your baby taking it easy at the shoot.

4. Warm Up

Choose a time of the day for the shoot when the baby is most active. Make sure the baby is well rested and fed before the shoot. It is also important that the baby explores the place a bit before the cake comes. Allow him/her to play for some time, have fun so that your baby is comfortable. At a cheerful moment, get the cake.

5. Back up Plan

A cake smash picture of a smiling baby with messy mouth and limbs or face planted in cake is not always an assurance. NOT ALL babies smash the cake! Some babies get petrified with the cream slathered over them and cry all the way through the session. So keep your cool and let the baby relax! Opt for family photos with a smiling baby first!

Hope you find these tips useful. Happy clicking!

(Guest post for BabyChakra - Read the original article here https://www.babychakra.com/learn/835-5-tips-for-a-great-cake-smash-session )

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